Croxley Green in the First World War by Brian Thomson.  See under Latest Updates for ordering information.

    A Village Boyhood in Croxley Green by Frank Paddick.  See under Latest Updates for ordering information.

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    Rickmansworth Park, Hertfordshire by Adrienne Jacques  £1.00

    Loudwater, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire by Adrienne Jacques  £1.00

    Thoughts on Old Ricky by Florence Samuels (nee Knight)  £2.50

    Croxley Great Barn

    Fullerians by P.F.V. Waters £1.00

    Game, Set and Match.  The History of Rickmansworth Lawn Tennis Club, 1921 - 2008 by Noel Kent and Alan Jamieson £2.00

    Moor Park and the Battle of Arnhem, 1944 by Alan Jamieson £3.00

    Rickmansworth Baptist Church
    by Rev. A.J.D. Farrer BA and Mr J. Compton £2.00

    Rickmansworth Players Recollections  £3.50

    The First 21 Years   Three Rivers Museum of Local  History 1988 – 2009 by Alan Jamieson  £3.50

    Rickmansworth Historian No 40
    Godfrey Cornwall, a brief biography;  Lords of the Manor;  The old and new Market Halls and the Town Hall;  Maintained  by  the Lord of the Manor;  The Manor of Croxley, Croxley Hall Farm and the Tithe Barn;  From Vestry to Three Rivers  £1.00

    Rickmansworth Historian No 50

    To Celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the Society,  1954 – 2004.   The First Editorial;  Parsonage Farm;  The Beginnings of the Society £1.00

    Rickmansworth Historical Society Newsletters No. 1 to No. 100  £1.50 each
    For details of articles in these newsletters see "Index to Newsletters".