St Mary's Church Clock

    Some time ago a letter appeared in the NEWSLETTER purporting to come from St Mary’s Church Clock. Now another letter has appeared:

      Rickmansworth Church Tower,

    To the Editor of the “Observer”:-

    Dear Sir,

    I read in the Rickmansworth Church Parish Magazine for January [1908] that the Vicar wants to take up the mantle and complete the work of restoring the church, the main part of which was so magnificently done by the late Vicar, Rev’s A. E. Northey. I am truly glad to feel that Mr Parkinson has this in his mind, but, Sir, I should like to call attention to my own state; the flints and stones of which I am composed need repair very badly.

    I have stood for a great number of years, and looked on with moist eyes when the body of me was restored in 1890, and would not want to sound greedy to say that I think it is my turn to ask for some new clothes in the form of stone and flint before the bottom windows and rood carving are done? My Neighbour, the roof, has just had some money spent on him, and the windows are not really in want of repair as I am.

    Some of your readers may know what neuralgia pains are like in the head. I feel similar pains when the lovely peel of bells is rung in my head, the vibrations being so tremendous. Sometime ago I heard two gentlemen saying in the churchyard that £1000 would be required to restore me to health, a large part of this sum being needed for scaffolding to reach my elevated head.

    I am sorry to have to complain, but I feel that my condition ought to be better known, and then no doubt I should be given a tonic to strengthen me up for many years. Even though no formal appeal has been circulated, I have not the slightest doubt that the Vicar and Churchwardens would be only too glad to receive donations for the repair of


    Yours respectfully,


    The Church Tower