14 September 2017 From Scythes to Suburbs: the socio-economic impacts of the coming of the railways                                                    to the Chilterns by Rudi Newman

    12 October 2107 The Capabilities of Hertfordshire's Landscapes by Kate Harwood

    9 November 2017 The History of Harefield Hospital by Andrew Willis

    14 December 2017 Chorleywood House and its Residents by Lynda Herity

    11 January 2018 Elstree: Britain's Hollywood by Bob Redman

    8 February 2018 Changing Hertfordshire: the coming of the Grand Union Canal to 1841 by Fabian Hiscock

    8 March 2018 O'Connorville: a fascinating social experiment on our doorstep by Eileen Bowlt

    12 April 2018 The Industrial Heritage of the Colne Valley Regional Park by Fiona Brewer

    10 May 2018 From Snells Hall to Croxley Danes: a history of people and places at                                                                                    Cassiobridge by Brian Thomson

    14 June 2018 AGM then The End of the Line: Plague Burials at Crossrail by Don Walker